PRO Central Valley

It’s not often you’ve got a group of young professionals dedicated to a common cause.

We’re pretty lucky that we’ve got that exact group!


Meet PRO (professionals reaching out) they are a dynamic group of career driven twenty and thirty somethings that for the past two years have been dedicating a ton of their time to us.

You might have heard of them already if you ran the COLOR ME RAD race this year? They hosted a huge after party that raised funds for our families complete with music, give a ways, and people covered in neon color. We know, there’s not much better than that.

After Party Front Final (2)


They’re getting ready for another event this summer. If you’re local, you’ve probably been to ApCal, if you haven’t put July 26th on your calendar.


For $10 you can enjoy an outdoor concert with friends and family and raise money for our house.

We think you should stay in the loop with details about this event by following PRO on Facebook. They update regularly and can help you get the most out of July 26th!



Calling All Volunteers

Join us!

Jump into the ROARING ’20′s with us

Annual Volunteer Recognition Celebration


Wednesday, April 23rd 


Warnors Theatre, Fresno Ca

Costumes are encouraged and loved!

We’ll be honoring our Volunteer of the Year, speaking about special projects, and telling the story of how you keep our house going. We hope to see you there.

Email Jonathan with questions:


April News from the ED

As many of you know April is National Volunteer Month. An entire month for organizations and causes across the United States, to sit and reflect on the power of a volunteer.

For us, volunteers are our backbone. They provide a valuable donation of time that allows our staff to dedicate their energies on the most necessary and important areas of their work.

In 2013 volunteers donated 3,879 hours to us. They cooked 289 meals and hosted over 89 siblings activities.

To understand the value of our volunteers we always like to do the simple math! With 3,879 hours as a paid minimum wage employee, our organization would be shelling out just under $35,000! 

Because we have dedicated volunteers, those funds can stay with our families.

So this month, as we celebrate our guest chefs, our handymen, our golf cart drivers, our listeners, our house cleaners, our story tellers, all our volunteers, I challenge you. I challenge you to go volunteers. Find a place your heart feels happy and get connected. Whether it’s here or one of the other incredible organizations around us, sign up in April.

You’ll be happy you did!

-Pedro Santana


2014 Sporting Clays Tournament


Our 9th Annual Sporting Clays Tournament was our most successful yet! The kick off event at Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino raised over $10,000 in just over two hours! Great food, good drinks, and great company!


We gave away a PARA 1911 Pistol that night. Congratulations to our winner, Mr. Allen Elia!  Saturday, was a bright an early morning for our AM flight who arrived at 7:30a to the Sun Mountain Gun Club. With over 200 shooters and 50+ volunteers, it was a fast paced first round. Congratulations to our winner, Mr. Ryan Yoshimoto with a score of 95!

At 11:30 our afternoon flight arrived, ate lunch, and HOPEFULLY bought as many raffle tickets as they could! That day we raffled off (7) CZ guns and sold tickets to win a BLAZAR valued at $12,500!

IMG_8267IMG_8252IMG_8286IMG_8285IMG_8355IMG_8314IMG_8322 IMG_8325IMG_8391 (1)IMG_8407IMG_8393IMG_8466IMG_8467IMG_8509IMG_8495IMG_8479 IMG_8303 IMG_8477 IMG_9642IMG_9649

The PM flight set out at 1pm and with 100 shooters finished just after 3pm. Congratulations to Brian who won the PM flight and the tournament over all.

We just analyzed early figures and found out we’ve raised $5,000 more than last year! We’re still waiting on a few lose ends (if you haven’t paid for your silent auction items – expect a phone call), but we’re confident our tournament keeps growing!

We say this a lot, but we couldn’t do it without all of you. All of our sponsors, donors, volunteers, supporters, and participants. You are the reason that this tournament will be 10 years old next year!

Stay tuned for information about our 2015 event!

Email with any questions.

The Relaxing Ways of Life

The Relaxing Way of Life
As we all know life is for better lack of words, crazy. It has its cheesy ups and downs along with its hardships. In today’s society it is all about getting ahead while racing to the finish line of success. But, why doesn’t anybody ever stop to smell the roses. Why not kick your feet up for a bit and detox the day? What’s so bad about pausing to take a few deep breaths? You know you deserve it, so just give yourself a well-earned moment. Here are a few simple ways I use to catch a quick breath:
1. Stop at a local coffee house or Starbucks. While ordering your 12oz of your favorite coffee take in the delicious aroma. Then just sit in the comfy chair and people watch.

Ronald McDonald House RHMC

2. I’ve been known to zip my way through town with my gold car while singing my heart out. Now I’m not condoning you create the same amusing image, but I do hope you use your own style. So while rushing to your next stop roll up your window, turn the volume nozzle a little louder, and belt it.
Ronald McDonald House RHMC

3. Instead of ripping your hair out and creating the greys you got rid of last week, just step away from the aggravating activity, sit up straight, and take that recommended deep breath. Roll your head around a little and smile. I know sounds cheesy right? But it works.

Ronald McDonald House RHMC

4. Why not go get a little exercise. I don’t mean go run a triathlon. Just go for an enjoyable walk outdoors. Maybe literally stop and smell the roses. Plus it will just check off that box that’s been on our New Year’s Resolution list since sixteen.
5. Lastly, do something you love. Take just a little time out of the whirl wind to create a memory. That could be going to the park for a bit with the family, cuddling to watch a movie with the person or fuzzy blanket you love, or just simply go to lunch with an old friend.
Ronald McDonald House RHMC
Life is crazy. It is one huge mountain that we try to climb every day, but never forget to enjoy it. There are beautiful things surrounding us on a daily basis you just got to look around and take it in. Relax with the life you’ve been given.

-Natalie Hedden

St Patricks Day Ideas!

Hi Guys! My name is Edith Ochoa, I am a Mass Communication and Journalism Student at Fresno State on my last semester. I am interning at the Ronald McDonald House Charities, and today is my first blog post.  Not only am I an intern, I am also a mom that enjoys getting creative during the holidays. Now that pink and red hearts are out of my way, I’m ready to go green with St Patrick’s Day. There are a lot of DIY fun crafts to prepare ourselves for this holiday. Here are some of my favorites to get you started.

Leprechaun Wreath

You need a round wreath, different green fabric cut into small piece’s, scissor and a glue gun. Start on one side tying strips of fabric, and with each piece of fabric you tie add enough glue to hold it in place. Make your way all around until the entire wreath is covered in green fabric. You can add any additional piece on the wreath. My favorite is a leprechaun Hat and a pot full of gold!

Sweet Treats

Ucreate Parties: St. Patrick's Day Treat Bag Topper

Just about everyone loves chocolate. Gold chocolate coins for St Patrick make great filler for goodie bags that your family, co-workers, and friends will love. You will need clear plastic treat bags, gold chocolate coins and green construction paper. Before cutting the construction paper, make sure you write your message. It’s a lot easier to write the message before, and it looks better too.

Rainbow Drink

What better way to catch the rainbow then in a drink? Grab your ice-cube tray, your food colors and your water. Fill your ice-cube tray with water, two drops of food coloring in each square and stir. Place the tray in your freezer and three hours later you’ll have rainbow color ice-cubes to add to your favorite drink! Your kids will love you for brightening their drinks.

Lucky Pizza

St. Patrick's pizza @

Pizza is a dinner favorite for most  kids and adults. Making a four-leaf clover pizza is just an added bonus for fun eats.  You will need pizza dough (Pillsbury pre-made pizza dough will work perfectly,) Marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, and fresh Arugula. Spread the dough to form a circle, add your favorite Marinara sauce evenly, sprinkle on mozzarella cheese, and last add the arugula to show the four-leafs clover resemblance. Bake it at 375 and enjoy!

Healthy Rainbow

St patricks day food

I love this dish, not only is it pretty to look at but it is healthy to eat. You will need strawberries, mandarin’s, a pineapple, green and purple grapes, mini marshmallows, and a bag full of rolo chocolates. Organize the fruit into a rainbow starting with the strawberries and finishing it with the purple grapes. This is a great dish for a St Patrick Day party!

Leprechaun Feet

A Differentiated Kindergarten: How To Make Leprechaun Feet . . . because you asked for it!

Did you and your family enjoy the Elf on the Shelf this holiday past season? I found the cutest way to keep the magic alive with the little leprechaun who visits when no one is home. The only thing you need is green paint and your hand. Make a tight fist with your hand, brush green paint on it, stamp any counter where the leprechaun has been. With your finger add the leprechaun’s toes. This fun game will keep kids searching for the Leprechaun all month-long.

Enjoy this holiday, make it fun and take time to enjoy these crafts. The entire family will love helping make this holiday more green! If you have more tips I can use find me on twitter @yes8a.

~ Edith Ochoa


Did you know the peak of  flu season is over, but we still have several weeks before the virus is gone for good. This years flu threat is the H1N1.  We know because of schools and the way our kids go go go, they get hit the hardest. In an effort to keep our moms sane, we have done some flu preventing research.  Hope this tips help.

Wash or Sanitize your hands

Washing your hands with warm water and soap will protect you from germs. In case you feel soap and water isn’t enough or you don’t have access to soap and water you can use hand sanitizer. Make sure the hand sanitizer alcohol concentration is above 60 percent. Hand sanitizers are available in small bottles which make it easy to carry in our pockets, our bags, or as a key chain .

Avoid Touching 3 areas: your eyes, nose and mouth.


Our hands touch everything and many of the things we touch have tons of germs. Our eyes, nose and mouth are all areas that are open for the germs to enter our body. It’s inevitable for us to touch these areas throughout the day, but we have to remember that before and after, we need to sanitize!

Avoid contact with sick people


As much as you love your best friend or your boyfriend/husband,  for your sake stay away from them when they are sick. Being in contact with people caring the flu virus is hard, but  you really need to make sure to wash or sanitize your hands when you are done and always make sure to keep your distance. You wont be any help to anyone if you’re down with the bug!

Disinfect your surfaces


Disinfecting your surfaces kills germs. Our kitchen, door nobs, and restroom are full of germs and bacteria. Keeping surfaces that have been touched by more than one person disinfected will reduce the chances of getting sick.

Taking an extra minute a day will benefit you and your family. These easy steps will reduce your doctor visits, help you enjoy the rest of winter, and give you more time to focus on the important things!

Tips found on &

30th Anniversary Open House

30th Anniversary Open House

9th Annual Sporting Clays Tournament

Sporting Clays

Sponsorships 2014 - Small


Register today! AM spots are filling up fast! Make sure to book your rooms at Chukchansi and attend our special auction in Nativos Restaurant. Enjoy appetizers, drinks, and a gun auction.

Visit Spencer’s Firearms starting Monday, February 10th to purchase your $25 gun raffle tickets or (5) for $100 to get your chance at winning 6 different CZ – USA guns!

2014 Event Calendar

Whelp folks it’s that time of year again!

We’re mapping out our calendars and giving you information about our upcoming events so you’ll join us.

save-the-date-art-ays-img-7-19-13-mdThis is your first official SAVE THE DATE for most of the fun stuff we’ve got going on in 2014.

We’re going to kick things off in February with a few surprises (we can’t wait to show you) and wrap up the year with our Annual Family Holiday Party in December.

Open House – Tuesday, February 12th  | 10a – 2p

Join us and other community members for a BIG announcement about an expansion of ours services, a tour of the house, and lunch on us!

Family Reunion – Saturday, March 8th | 10a – 2p 

If you’ve ever stayed with us, you’re invited! Bring your family, photos, memories, and prepare to share and enjoy games and a BBQ lunch. Thank you to the Madera Kiwanis Club for sponsoring this event.

Family Reunion Invite

The Electro Dash – Friday, March 14th | Times TBA

Did you get Rad for us last year? If so, we’re bringing something new to the Valley that you’ll want to be a part of. In March you can run a 5k in the dark while you’re glowing!


9th Annual Sporting Clays Tournament, Fri-Sat April 11th-12th

Sign up now! We sell out every year. Shoot 16 stations of sporting clays for our worthy cause. Participants travel from across the country to be a part of one of the largest charity shoots in the US! Click on the photo for pictures from last year.


Fore the House Golf Tournament – Monday, October 6th | 7:30a

Join us at Fort Washington Country Club in Fresno, California for the premier golf tournament in the Valley. Enjoy on course vendors, great give a ways, incredible auction items, and a great day of golf at a beautiful location. Buy your foursome today!

Save The Date 2014 - Fore the House

Red Heart Ball – Saturday, November 8 | 5p-11p

The only “Masquerade” in town is back! Buy your tickets today for a black tie evening. Dinner, dancing, cigar lounge, and more at the Fresno Convention Center. Plus, we’ll be auctioning off our famous Classic Car that night! You could be the winner!



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